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Personalised Wording
by Margaret Rose

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In 2007 they will join hands to wed,
Their special day, on the 24th of Feb.
Steven Johan the groom to be,
Michelle Shane will accept his plea.
Precious memories which they will treasure,
Your honoured presence would be a pleasure.
Follow the map to the Millbrook Estate,
Where at 09h00 we will all celebrate!


A special time for you has arrived,
A time for you to feel totally revived
This is a time to let go of your stress,
To think of yourself and forget the rest!

What is this day and what does it mean,
It represents the birth of a wonderful being
So close your eyes and begin to visualize,
What a blessing this is, you will soon realize!

With your eyes closed I am sure you have found,
Your first experience is the hearing of sound
Keep your eyes closed and what do you see,
Your thoughts will determine what it will be!

Yes, a wonderful person was born on this day,
Created so uniquely in a very special way
So there is something I would just like to say,
May you be blessed and have a Happy Birthday!


At a stage in my life all seemed so wrong,
Like a Guardian Angel you came along
When I experienced the peace of a dove,
I knew right then that this feeling was love

I knew there could not be any other thing,
But this love within, making my heart sing
When times are bad and you’re feeling sad,
I want to hold you tight and say it’s alright

When you’re feeling angry, weary or stressed,
I want to calm you down and help you to rest
But if what you need is tender loving care,
With my arms reached out, I will be there

As the stars are twinkling in the sky above,
So my heart is beating with illuminating love
There is something I would just like to say,
To me you are so special in every way!