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Proofreading and Editing

Publishing poorly edited copy (or copy that has not been edited at all) could reflect badly on you and the company/organisation. Perhaps your existing copy just needs to be cleaned up, shortened, tightened or polished. You may also be less than confident in spelling and in your use of grammar.
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Writing Services


Are your users resisting change? Technical jargon can lose the people that matter most, causing them to respond negatively towards system changes. Get buy-in from your users by having training manuals and user guidelines written in plain, concise language that is easy to follow and understand. Help your support people by providing them with clear shortened installation procedures, free from unnecessary jargon. Read more.


In order to convey a message in its intended manner and receive desired results, the words must be chosen with care and diligence. When it comes to business writing you want to be taken seriously and maintain a level of professionalism. Do you struggle to find the words? Have assistance to ensure well written and error free content, interesting and informative newsletters; and clear concise correspondence ‒ business or personal.
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Articles/web content

Depending on the nature of the article, this can be written in ‘passive’ or ‘active’ voice; in a formal or informal style. Read more.


If your need is on the creative side; that too can be crafted for you!
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