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Business Writing

In order to convey a message in its intended manner and receive desired results, the words must be chosen with care and diligence. When it comes to business writing you want to be taken seriously and maintain a level of professionalism. At the same time you need to keep it clear and simple, bearing in mind that your audience may not understand the business and technical jargon that is perhaps second nature to you.

Correspondence (Business and personal)

If writing isn’t one of your strengths, it can be difficult writing a letter, memo or e-mail with the appropriate wording. Your choice of words and tone will determine how the message will be perceived by the reader. To ensure that the message is communicated correctly this writing service is available to you.

Business content

Do you need assistance with any content that you need to write? Perhaps you have all the information but require assistance putting it into a structured and logical format. Reading long drawn out documents can be time consuming. Assistance is also available should you require information to be summarised into shorter concise copy with only the main pointers highlighted.


Is your newsletter effective or do readers find it boring? People are looking for an excuse to delete your newsletter - don't give them one! Although the content of a newsletter should be brief, your copy should sing rather than drone. It should ring when tapped. Assistance is available to make this happen.

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